I’ve made my choice

114124_sti_back_endI think I may have found my next car. I have only been looking for three weeks now so it feels good to have found one. It is a year old Subaru Impreza that has everything that I was looking for. Topping that list was low miles. It only has 9,000 miles on it which is even lower than what I was willing to take. The other big thing and this made my search the hardest was a manual transmission. I can’t tell you how many cars I found that I liked but they were automatics. I refuse to drive one because it makes me too relaxed behind the wheel. I also like to have more control over my driving especially in the winter when the roads get slippery. I got my love for the stick shift from my Dad who always drove one too. I learned how to drive driving one and besides rental cars I don’t drive automatics. The color is also what I was looking for (black) and it has a sunroof which was an added bonus. It gets pretty good gas mileage too which was important as well.

I am going tomorrow after work to look at it but from what I have seen online it is pretty much a given that I’m going to get it. I do need to call and get some auto insurance quotes but I’m not worried about that either. It isn’t like I’m buying a Mustang or Corvette. I am taking my mechanic friend Kevin along with me although I don’t expect him to find anything wrong. It is so new and they have all the necessary maintenance paperwork for it (one oil change and tire rotation). I fully expect to bring it home with me tomorrow which is another reason I’m bringing Kevin with me. This is a private sale so I’m not going to be trading my vehicle in. I’m going to put it in my garage and drop the insurance on it and sell it when I can. I don’t need the money from it so I’m in no rush to sell it.

Besides that I don’t have much of anything going on right now. I am working a lot and enjoying the single life on the weekends. I am in no rush to get into another relationship after breaking up with my ex about a month ago. I’ll save that story for another time.